Meet The Team

The team at Intrepid Leadership group is made up of military veterans and special operators ready to train your Corporate Executives, Military Officers, Senior/Junior Enlisted, Athletic Teams and High Performing Teenagers

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    Colonel (retired) Kurt Buller

    Intrepid CEO & President

    As the founder of Intrepid Leadership Group, Colonel Buller is dedicated to optimizing individual and team performance to help others meet their full potential personally and professionally.

    Kurt served 23 years in Air Force Special Operations as a Special Tactics Officer where he held multiple commands including the 21st Special Tactics Squadron, 24th Special Tactics Squadron and the 720th Special Tactics Group and led combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, Combat Search and Rescue missions in Bosnia, Peacekeeping operations in Somalia and Counter-Drug missions in Colombia.

    Kurt is a Master Parachutist with almost one thousand parachute jumps including one combat jump into Afghanistan in 2001. He is a Navy-trained combat SCUBA diver and graduated the Army’s Ranger School earning the Merrill’s Maurader’s Leadership Award for the top officer graduate.

    Kurt earned his Bachelor of Science from the United States Air Force Academy and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. He is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College and served as a Senior Fellow in the Irregular Warfare Department of the US Navy Post-Graduate School. He is a Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach and regularly conducts individual and team coaching. He resides in Louisville, KY with his wife and two sons.

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    Dr. Eric Buller

    Executive Associate

    Dr. Eric Buller currently serves as the Director of the Harry T. Wilks Leadership Institute at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He leads the Wilks Leadership Institute with responsibility for design and implementation of campus-wide leadership development programming and initiatives.

    He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and served 20 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. Dr. Buller earned a Master of Educational Leadership from the College of William and Mary and the Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration from the University of Kansas. His research interests are in “Grit” (a measure of persistence), learning styles, leadership development and strengths-based leadership.

    Dr. Buller is also a Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach and conducts individual and team coaching as well as strengths-based workshops for students, faculty and staff, community leaders and corporate leaders. In that capacity, he also advises the Miami University Athletic Department on student-athlete leadership development and works directly with several intercollegiate athletic teams. He resides in Oxford, OH with his wife and two daughters.

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    Colonel (retired) Mark Roland

    Senior Mentor

    Mark was a B-1 and B-52 Navigator who retired from the Air Force in 2007 as the ROTC Detachment Commander at the University of Kentucky. Mark’s son, Matthew Roland, was a Special Tactics Officers and was killed in action in Afghanistan on 26 August 2015 and was awarded the Silver Star for heroism posthumously. Mark is a “Gold Star” father and explains the program to our teens. Our base camp is named in Matthew’s honor; we proudly call it “Forward Operating Base Roland”.

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    Captain Russ LeMay

    Special Tactics Instructor

    Russ is a Special Tactics Officer still serving in the Kentucky Air National Guard. He has multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and has earned two Bronze Stars with Valor. Capt. LeMay has served alongside Green Berets, Rangers, Navy Seals, Marine Raiders, and multiple foreign SOF teams. He is a Louisville native with over 19 years of service and is an expert in battlefield leadership.

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    Chief Master Sergeant (Retired) Aaron May

    Special Tactics Instructor

    Aaron is a Combat Controller still serving in the Kentucky Air National Guard. He has multiple combat deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa and has earned five Bronze Stars, four with Valor. Aaron graduated from the University of Louisville and has been an instructor at our Combat Control School and is certified in tactics and small arms training.

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    Senior Master Sergeant (Retired) Wes Brooks

    Special Tactics Instructor

    Wes is a retired Combat Controller and has deployed multiple times to both Afghanistan and Iraq and has earned the Bronze Star Medal. He was a tactics and small arms instructor at the Air Force’s Combat Control School and he retired from the Kentucky Air National Guard in 2014. His son attended our first course.

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    Senior Master Sergeant (Retired) Keary Miller

    Owner, Innovative Tactical Training Solutions

    Keary is a retired Pararescueman who has earned the Air Force Cross (second to only the Medal of Honor) for bravery against the enemy for actions in Afghanistan and has multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired from the Kentucky Air National Guard in 2011. He now owns and operates Innovative Tactical Training Solutions, a company that conducts paramedic refresher training and runs combat simulation training for military and police departments nationally. His son and daughter have both attended our camps.

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    Major Leslie Brooks

    Air National Guard

    Leslie is a commissioned officer in the Kentucky Air National Guard. She has served as an Intelligence Officer, Cyberspace Officer and is currently serving as a Logistics Officer. Her son attended our first camp.

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    Mr Paul Brister

    Office of the Secretary of Defense

    Paul is a 1998 graduate from the United States Air Force Academy and retired as a career Air Force Special Tactics Officer. Paul has multiple deployments to Afghanistan, South America, Iraq and Africa and has commanded a Special Tactics Squadron in combat. Paul earned a Doctorate in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School and is currently a Senior Operations Analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

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    Ben Self

    Special Tactics Instructor

    Ben separated from the Air Force after 12 years in Air Force Special Operations. Ben was a Special Tactics Officer and led multiple combat deployments where he guided air strikes in combat supporting U.S. Army Special Forces and U.S. Navy SEAL teams. He graduated Clemson University as a four-year ROTC cadet and has a Master of Operations Management from Embry-Riddle University.

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    Sergeant First Class Derek Wilson

    University of Louisville, ROTC

    Derek is a cavalryman in the Kentucky Army National Guard and is active with the Army’s ROTC and JROTC programs teaching cadets about the Army’s core values. He’s certified by the U.S. Army as a combatives instructor and is currently running the Army's regional Recruit Sustainment Program training and indoctrinating new soldiers through the completion of their initial pipeline.

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    Rolando Haddad

    Owner, Core Combat Sports

    Rolando is a Krav Maga black belt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, and successful MMA, grappling and kickboxing competitor. He has been teaching combat sports since 2001 and currently teaches beginning and advanced Krav Maga classes at Core Combat Sports as well as combatives to joint special operations units.

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    Active Duty Operators

    Special Operations Command

    Intrepid is fortunate to have a close relationship with active duty special operations units that allow their members to take personal leave and volunteer their time to our camp because they believe in our mission and want to contribute.

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    Intrepid Support Team

    Intrepid has a small team of support personnel working behind the scenes to ensure all logistics and transportation needs are met. They are an indispensable part of the team and overall effort.